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Sergia Starr

Chosen to Represent at 2009 NACA

(National Association For College Activities)

Lecture Series. 

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*Diversity Day                                        

*Woman’s Month


*Drug and Alcohol Awareness





Speaking Performances include:

*AWAKEN, LOVE & PROSPER! - In response of the "Me Too Movement," Sergia shares her unique life-lessons and tools for overcoming personal obstacles, mentor discovery, self-acceptance and goal achievement. (Followed by Q&A)

*I DIDN'T CRY STORIES- Substance Abuse Avoidance- My mother’s story;  my tools to avoid, and tools to overcome. The process of emotional healing.  

*WRITE 2 LIVE WORKSHOPS!  Set and Achieve Your Goals. Sergia Utilizes impromptu theater and writing exercises to help students achieve their goals and step into their potential.

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Segia Starr with mentor, Jack Canfield, Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for The Soul".