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Tiffany Cortez

2015-Student at Sylmar High School

Denise Campbell

​International Arts Media Coordinator at

2015- Sylmar High School

"As educators we all live for teachable moments.  Moments, where our students are elevated beyond the overwhelming circumstances of life into moments which empower them to discover possibilities within themselves and the world in which they live.  This past semester in Region One, our students were elevated and empowered by a production called "I Didn't Cry," a one woman show which encouraged them to examine themselves and grow."

Bruce Irushalmi,

Regional Director

​Youth Development

  “Rather than just being told what to do and what not

    to do, this play allows students to experience the "world of the work" and draw the obvious conclusion that their choices matter, that their judgment must

  be sound or there will be dire consequences for them.  

The students know these people; they are their sisters, mothers, brothers, etc. This play is both a warning

and a message of hope. I believe that lives could be saved by the powerful impact of Ms. Perez' work.

Young people everywhere should experience this remarkable production"

Wendy Horn:  NYC Board of Ed- Teacher, 30 years

"By presenting her real life story, Ms. Perez allowed our girls to learn from her experiences.  Her performance was captivating and the girls were able to easily identify with her experience.  The Q & A time after the performance was really meaningful."

Maria A. Aviles

JHS 45 Principal


Can a play change the consciousness of a teenage audience regarding unprotected sexual activity, drug use, pregnancy, AIDS and abuse all in one hour? It would appear so, and once again, we see the power of the arts to effect change.  Sergia Perez's play "I Didn't Cry" has been catching on like wildfire in the New York City schools and has kept her busy almost daily for the last two months, performing in middle and high schools for involved teenage audiences. Perez, who in addition to being the author is also the performer in this one-woman show, portrays herself as a child, her mother, her sister's man, and her sister. The story is autobiographical and deals with her sister's tragic life. Her love for "the wrong man" destroyed her life and caused great suffering in the lives of those around her. www.creativeeducationalsystems.com

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Ms. L. Padin, Principal                  Ms. E. Pinckney, A.    

May 6th, 2008

WHAT AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE!!!! Our 8th graders were enthralled throughout the whole performance. They experienced a myriad of emotions but ultimately their hearts were touched in this awesome one woman show. The fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more authentic. This play deals with teenage love, (lust) unwed pregnancy, domestic violence, drugs, HIV and ultimately death. Extremely poignant and powerful and should be viewed by all teenagers all over the world. These are real issues and situations that have been occurring and are still rampant today. This play will definitely encourage teens to make wiser choices in life that will tremendously impact their futures. BRAVO MS. PEREZ!!!


Ms. Evelyn M. Deliz
Parent Coordinator